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Where is the help for people who live here

brenda fehr

By brenda fehr

Like many families we live from paycheck to paycheck. Making sure we can pay our bills our rent, medication, and all the other things one needs to survive. My husband lost his job, and now the only income we have coming in is my pay check. When we decided to look at maybe getting welfare for a short time until my husband would find a job, we were told that making 1000.00 a month is to much money to get help from welfare. I would like to understand how the government can say that a 1000.00 is to much money. And my husband has been very proactive in looking for a job. Sending out resumes daily. And I have no problem with people coming into Southern Manitoba from countries destroyed by war, but how are there going to be jobs for all these people when people already cannot find a job. For all the years that we have been working roughly 35 years, paying all the taxes off of each check, where is the help when we need it. I think people in government who make the laws on how much is to much money to receive welfare should try living on the amount of money that they expect the rest of us to do

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