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It's time to end the silence

brenda fehr

By brenda fehr

For the most part this article is directed to women. Not because I am anti male but because it is a known fact that woman are the victims of sexual harassment at their jobs. Lately with some big names in the news losing their jobs because of this it is time that women start to come forward. It is very sad to say that even in 2017 woman still feel that they are supposed to keep it to themselves. For some reason woman feel that if they say something they are the problem. And it doesn't matter what job you have from a waitress to a lawyer no woman is spared from this horrible treatment. And the saddest thing is that if a woman does bring this up to a boss or manager for the most part they are told not to be so sensitive or that the person is just joking. Woman need to stand up together and demand that we are treated with the respect that we deserve. Enough is enough. It's bad enough that we as woman make less than a man but we are now just to suck it up and just brush it off our shoulders. Woman Stand Up!

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