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1st place for Carman Cubs at the 44th Annual Klondike Derby

Lynne Melvin

By Lynne Melvin

The 1st Carman Cub team took First place at the 44th Annual Klondike Derby at Camp Amisk just South of Winnipeg. There were 19 competing cub teams along with 13 Scout, 4 Guide & 2 Pathfinder teams from Manitoba competing in this great winter event March 7th & 8th. 1st Carman entered 2 Cub teams and 1 Scout team and all those that attended had a fantastic time. Second place for the Cub Scouts went to 60th Winnipeg Cubs and third went to 1st Crestview Cubs also from Winnipeg. Some of the events included lighting a big enough fire to burn the rope dangling above the fire pit, snowshoeing as a team and working to zip line across a ravine all without the assistance of the leaders. Scouting events such as this one promotes an active lifestyle, adventure and teaches many skills not necessarily taught elsewhere. Klondike is an exciting time for the youth as it challenges the skills that they have learned at meetings and events throughout the year and it certainly is one of the highlights for our Cubs and Scouts!

Klondike Derby is an annual outdoor event with teams from all over Manitoba competing. There are 10 towns set up with certain challenges – fire building, outdoor cooking, snow shoeing, crossing a rope bridge, Zip lining, lashing, first aid skills, etc. Youth are encouraged to work as a team, use the skills that they have learned during meetings and other events to earn golden nuggets from each of the town’s mayors. The team with the most nuggets combined with good time wins the derby. We had 2 Cub teams ( age 8-10) and 1 Scout team (11-14) that participated. One of our teams did very well and won First Place. So much Fun!!

Klondike Derby is based on teams visiting ten towns (activities). There are four activities that are repeated each year:
1. Aerial runway
2. Rope bridge
3. Fire lighting
4. Lunch stop
Six new activities are selected each year. They repeat activities that have not been run for a few years and attempt to introduce some new ideas, trying to keep a balance of fun vs. skill type activities.
New ideas originate from other Scouting events, other Klondike Derbies (usually in the US), reality TV shows like Survivor and combining past activities.
Here is a sample of past activities:
Knots, Lashing, First Aid, Snowshoes, Compass.
How are the scores determined?
The Klondike scoring is based on two factors:
1. Amount of time on the course
2. Nuggets (points) earned at each activity (town)
The formula used is: Total nuggets earned x 10 minus half of the time.
The time is the period between the start time and the finish time minus hold time as reported by the town mayors.
Example: Team earned a total of 40 nuggets and were on the course for 4 hours and 46 minutes.
Score is: 40 x 10 = 400 less 286 = 257 points
Our 1st Carman team achieved 326 points!
Ten Skills needed for the Klondike Derby:
1. Firelighting
2. Compass
3. First Aid
4. Knots
5. Lashing
6. Team work
7. Outdoor cooking
8. Basic Shelter building
9. Dressing for winter activities
10. Map reading
1st Carman Beavers, Cubs and Scouts is a great group for both girls and boys ages 5-17 which promotes outdoor skills & adventure, leadership and friendship. Our leaders along with the youth have fun year round! Enroll in scouting today!

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